…a great weekend…a warm, caring, and safe environment leading to learning and practicing the skills…we felt we were part of a family who wanted to grow into more ‘mature adults’ and be in better partnerships. We loved watching everyone becoming more enthusiastic about the work and supporting each other in the process, always being held by two fabulous instructors.


Your compassion and authenticity were felt from the first moments and were both an invitation and a container to inwardly explore and outwardly express truths and vulnerabilities that are usually kept quite hidden and defended. Thank you for guiding us into a deeper practice of relating.


What really resonated was the authentic and warm environment you created and the down-to-earth manner in which you shared, responded to, and organized each part of the program….Your ability to present sensitive material in such genuine ways made it easier to be open and vulnerable in the large and small group activities.

I went into this event with an open and curious mind, trying very much to let go of outcomes and to just see what would unfold. What I got was so much more than I could ever have expected.


You were both incredible instructors; kind, gracious, compassionate, and patient… that night, we had one of the most in-depth conversations we’ve had in the 15 years we’ve been together.


My husband and I had a profound and eye opening experience. It was very refreshing as well to see and hear that we humans all have similar versions of the same fights & communicating styles.” —


This was not just a workshop in which you are given some tools to take home — although you definitely do receive these. It also provides deep experiential moments of shared vulnerability with other individuals and couples who struggle with many of the same frustrations. It opens your eyes and those of your partner to what you both bring to the unsuccessful dynamic that may be keeping you stuck. We are more optimistic about our ability to work through future moments of conflict.


I’ve been in therapy for many years and this workshop…was a profound and possibly life changing revelation/experience. So thank you, thank you, thank you!


I felt safe and encouraged. You both facilitate with grace, humility and wisdom. It’s a very interesting dance to educate on content while also providing an experiential learning space.


I left feeling a deep sense of love and honor for every person there, for showing up fully, as they are. It impressed upon me that this precious vulnerability, along with self-responsibility, presence, and using the right language is a golden combo that helps us bring out the best in ourselves and each other…I was also able to see myself more clearly and gain some insight regarding my behaviors that are standing in the way of experiencing greater intimacy.


I walked in seeking skills to put into practice in my marriage and I emerged with not only new knowledge and tools, but also a deeper connection with my husband and renewed hope for our future together.

Kristy and Jerry created a safe space where personal growth and healing could take place. I was amazed by the openness and sense of community that developed with everyone in the group over just two days. I wholeheartedly recommend this boot camp to anyone wishing to learn more about themselves and strengthen their connection with their partner.


I feel lighter than I have in years. Hard work, but worth it. I feel like I advanced my personal growth journey by a year in one weekend. Very powerful. I feel more attracted to my wife and more optimistic than I have in a long time.


I’m still in shock of what a change in me I have felt after attending your course. It was the best thing we could have ever done for our relationship. I’m sure we’re going to have tough days and conversations in the future, but I feel more in love with my wife and know that I have tools to help our communication when things get stressful. I just loved the format and openness of everyone. Thank you, thank you!


Jerry and Kristy created such a warm, safe space for all of us to be vulnerable and raw without making it emotionally taxing. They used humor and wit, and their extensive knowledge, as well as their humility, were expertly used to teach what could have been very intimidating content but instead became easily digestible truths about ourselves and our relationships. I am so glad I had the privilege of attending, and would absolutely recommend it to anyone at any time in their relationship journey!


“I want to thank you for a beautiful weekend. I felt your authenticity, your warm presence, and your passion for this work. It was so touching to hear your stories.

Your authentic presence fostered a deep sense of safety and connection within the group. This allowed me to drop out of my head and into my body with an open heart and engage in the sharing of the difficult task of seeing parts and behaviors in myself and others that get in our way of true intimacy.

If it is only 9 inches from the head to the heart then why can it be so difficult at times to feel that heart connection with our loved ones?!

I felt that head-to-heart connection this weekend. I was able to fully present myself and participate deeply in this experiential work of learning to live and love more relationally. I left with a deep sense of compassion for myself and all humans. What an incredible gift!”


“…We are getting to know each other on a completely different level than what we’ve known of each other for decades! The Boot Camp opened our eyes to parts of ourselves and each other I don’t believe we ever would have…now that we have this knowledge and these tools, we won’t ever go back to the way things were.”


“I have seen a vulnerability in (my husband) that he has never been able to access before, so I am hopeful.”


“The weekend we spent attending the Relationship Boot Camp with Kristy and Jerry was one of the best investments of time and money we’ve ever made. It gave us a powerful and simple framework to use, not just in our marriage, but in all our relationships. It helped us to see ourselves and each other in a new light, one with curiosity and compassion instead of judgement.”


“…I learned things I missed in years of therapy.”