A: If you’re in a relationship that has become rusty, and uncommunicative, with resentments and “same-old” fights, and you’d never been taught essential relationship skills by your parents (or their example), we recommend you start with a Boot Camp. It can give you, and your partner, a sense of strong progress in a weekend. If additional work is needed, you can bring these skills into couples’ therapy sessions to deeper the work, and make it ever more personal.

A: Couples therapy is to help the two of you figure out how the impact of your own relational traumas affects the relationship and to identify specific ways of stopping, and reversing, destructive habits.

A: Individual therapy provides you a private place to figure out a path forward from your own relational traumas and personal quicksands. It helps you identify your highest self, the best person you can bring to your partner every day.

A: Yes, and it generally works out really well when you do. They compliment each other beautifully.

A: This is highly dependent on how seriously both of you are committed to do the work. Your therapist and the two of you will speak candidly about this.

A: Between the two of us we are licensed to provide psychotherapy services in Utah, NY, NJ, PA & MA. Therapy services provided in these states generally result in money paid back to the client by your insurance company after you’ve paid us. This varies by insurance company and your deductibles may apply. We offer educational workshop (i.e., teaching) services in states outside of there, but these won’t be considered eligible for reimbursement by your insurance company.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re being physically, emotionally or verbally abused, you’re likely to need immediate help in protecting yourself and any children. Your health and safety is the first priority; this is not the right time for a workshop. Please call The National Domestic Violence Hotline at (1) (800) 799-7233.