LoveWorkShops & LoveWorkSessions

We view our role not as experts, but as fellow travelers. We strive to apply what we share with you in our own lives. Some days better than others. But we always try to improve.

We are not afraid to hold individuals or partners accountable for their immature/harmful behavior. Clients appreciate our warmth and commitment to telling the truth… with love.

Relationship Boot Camp

Are you part of a couple? This workshop is for you.

This workshop will give you essential life and loving skills. You’ll learn the practice of self-esteem and use of boundaries to enable protection and connection in your relationships, how to awaken empowerment so your relationship can thrive, how to assess losing strategies and move to winning ones.

We meet via ZOOM.

Love After Divorce: A Weekend Workshop

Have you recently moved through the ending of a marriage?

Whether you were the one who desired it, or the one who fought it, or part of a couple that mutually agreed this was the best way forward, you are entering a new social and emotional world. This workshop is for you.

 We meet via ZOOM.

Private Couples’ Sessions

Clarity, Boundaries, Connections.

We’ll help you achieve clarity about how your relationship can benefit from healthy boundaries, intimate connection, and effective communication. Work with Kristy or Jerry.

We meet via ZOOM and/or in-person, per CDC guidelines.

Individual Therapy Sessions

Work towards a healthy relationship with oneself and others

Develop true self-esteem, healthy boundaries self-care, awareness of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Work with Kristy or Jerry.

We meet via ZOOM and/or in-person, per CDC guidelines.